Below is a list of the alerts where a push notification will be sent to your device if the alert falls inside of the polygon within your current or saved location.

Flash Flood Warning  

Hurricane/Typhoon Warning

Hurricane/Typhoon Watch

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Tornado Warning

Tropical Storm Warning

Tropical Storm Watch

Tsunami Warning

Winter Storm Warning, Snowfall Warning

Inland Hurricane Warning

Inland Hurricane Watch

Inland Tropical Storm Warning

Inland Tropical Storm Watch

Blizzard Warning

Dust Storm Warning

Tornado Watch

Tsunami Watch

Avalanche Warning

Flash Flood Watch

Ice Storm Warning

Lake Effect Snow Warning

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Storm Surge Warning

Wind Chill/Extreme Cold Warning

Freezing Rain Warning

Snow Squall Warning

Weather Warning

Freeze Warning

Heat Warning

High Wind Warning

Frost Advisory