Radar Layers - Icon Legend

The Radar layer is the default layer and shows all available radar imagery. Radar is displayed in motion and precipitation is represented by various colors based on the level of severity. Turn on the Map Legend under Map Options to see the color chart in the app.

The Temperature Map uses color to show warm and cool temperatures on the map. Each color represents varying degrees of temperature in Fahrenheit. Enable the Map Legend to see the color chart.

The Clouds layer will show current cloud coverage as a map overlay. You can adjust the transparency of this layer under Map Options > Layer Transparency. You may need to zoom out on the map to see coverage based on your location. Cloud layers can take additional time to load depending on your internet connection. This layer can also be viewed in motion.

The Water Temp layer is a temperature overlay for all large bodies of water on the map. Each color depicts a varying degree of temperature. You can enable the color chart by turning on the Map Legend under Map Options.

The Radar & Clouds layer is a combination of both the Radar and Clouds layers. This will overlays cloud coverage in addition to radar imagery. Keep in mind, this layer can take longer to load and refresh.

By default, the Wind Speed layer will show up to the last 6 hours of Wind Speed. When paused the layer will show the most recent data available. This layer can also be viewed in motion. You can enable the Map Legend to see what speed (MPH) each color represents.

The Snow Cover layer will show snowfall (inches) as a map overlay. This layer can be viewed in motion and will animate the last 12 hours of available data by default. If enabled the Map Legend with show which colors represent which amount of snowfall.

If you're traveling, the Road Weather layer is a great way to view current road conditions of any given area. This layer can depict High Winds (yellow), Wet Roads (green), Fog (orange), Ponding (Blue), Ice (pink), and Snow (white).