FAQ: How do I set up push notifications for a saved location?

 - Tap the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the app.

 - Tap Notifications.

 - Toggle Enable Notifications ON.

 - For loud audible alerts, make sure 'Sounds' are enabled in your Notification settings and that your ringer is active.

 - Enable the following notification types based on your preference:

Can I choose what types of weather alerts I receive?

 - At this time, you will receive all official NOAA alerts for your location. This inlcudes severe weather, tornado, storms, etc.

 - We are working to add more customization to the app in future updates.

 - Advisories, Weather Statements, and Gale Warnings will not trigger a push notification.

I see an Active Alert, but I did not get a push notification. What's up?

 - Not all Alert Types will trigger a push notification to your device.

 - Advisories, Weather Statements, and Gale Warnings will not trigger a push notification.

 - This is done to prevent false alarms and unwanted frequent alerts.

 - You will still receive alerts for severe weather Warnings and Watches.

What is a polygon-based alert?

 - Notifications are pushed to your location when the coordinates fall within the polygon-shape area for an issued alert.

 - Nearby locations or locations in the same county may not always receive the same alerts.

 - This increases accuracy and eliminates many false alarms.

Does the app need my current location to send me alerts?

 - The app only needs to access your location if you would like alerts for your Current Location.

 - If you only want notifications for your Saved Locations, do not enable "Use Current Location".

 - You will still receive alerts for Saved Locations if enabled. See above screenshot.

What is the radius for alerts? Can I adjust the radius?

 - The radius for Lightning Strike alerts is 150 miles from your Saved or Current Location.

 - All non-lightning alerts, use polygon-based alerts and do not use a custom radius.

 - At this time the radius can not be adjusted. 

     - Add more Saved Locations if you would like to be notified for more areas.

How can I turn off push notifications?

 - You can turn off Notifications by toggling Enable Push Notifications OFF. (See above screenshot)

 - You can also manage these settings for all of your apps in the Settings app on your device.